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Tell me what you want to achieve ...


Building on her 30 year career in communications, Diana Matsuda and Matsud-onym Strategic Writing will address your communication needs with a product that meets your objectives and delivers measurable results.


Currently, Diana is Content Editor for the Island Woman website, and also produces The Traveller, a newsletter released three times a year for the Western Canadian Wheelwright Association.

Beginning with research into your product or service, final deliverables may include:


Communications Strategies


Marketing Plans


Media releases, brochures and pamphlets






Web Design

Using a variety of software programs including Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse and WordPress, and a lifetime of communication experience, websites designed by Matsud-onym are simple yet elegant in design, focusing on functionality, ease of navigation and clear language. Examples of recent websites include:


Alberta Carriage Driving Association

Canadian Shire Horse Association

Hansen Livestock, Weldon, Saskatchewan

Nanaimo Sings!, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Parksville Splash Park, Parksville, British Columbia

Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers, Qualicum Beach, BC


Rafter K Wheelwright, Charlie Lake, British Columbia

Thompson Rivers University Open Learning Faculty Association, Kamloops, British Columbia


Windcharger Heritage Farm Ltd, Dawson Creek, BC


Rate Information

Rates vary according to a number of factors:


The scope of the project in terms of time required and length of the finished product;


The amount of research required;


For websites, costs will vary depending upon the complexity of the site, the existence of original materials; and


The amount of new materials to be sourced or developed.


An estimate for a website or writing assignment will be provided free of charge, following the provision of specific details and a full discussion of objectives and expectations.



"Diana helped us develop objectives, a content outline, and a creative framework for our first ever website. As we provided material, she was invaluable in clarifying, enhancing, and/or simplifying our approach. We are thrilled with our website and think it speaks for itself!"
- Pat Jacobson, Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers Society, a not-for-profit organization, that has acted as stewards of creeks in the Qualicum Beach Area for over fifteen years.
 "Diana's writing is clear and compelling. She has mastered not onlyᅠthe grammar andᅠmechanics of Englishᅠbutᅠalso the very art of story telling. Ultimately, every message -- whetherᅠcorporate or private -- depends on the writer's ability to organize the appropriate details and statistics so that, when combined, theyᅠtell a story that the reader wants to read.ᅠDiana knows how to do this."- Frann Harris is a corporate Communication Consultant who has written numerous articles for national and international magazines andᅠauthored the book, Martensville: Truth or Justice? "Creative, exceptionally competent, thorough, meticulous attention to detail, professional – that’s Diana Matsuda, a writer and editor ‘par excellence’!"- Emily K. Cherneski is a freelance Communication Consultant and Coordinator of the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Business Service Network Project Team. "I've been getting a quite a few calls on the website. One fellow called from Tennessee. He builds wagons as a hobby and has looked at many sites. He said this was the most impressive one he has seen. Another couple saw the website and came to our Fall Fair to see my wagons. Another found a cart in the Portfolio section that I had sold, and wants one like it. Great job Diana."- Randy Kirschner, Owner, Rafter K Wheelwright "I want to acknowledge the excellent work done by our webmaster, Diana Matsuda of Matsud-onym Strategic Writing.ᅠDiana has created a website that is easy to navigate, informative and very professional."- Linda Dier, Chair, Planning Committee, Nanaimo Sings!  

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